Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taking Frugal Too Far - A Painful Lesson

Frugal, I've defined it for you many times before, is the wise expenditure of time and money.  I live my life as frugally as I can, always seeking out wise ways to save money, and that ever so precious commodity known as time.  Sadly, one frugal attempt lead to the painful reminder that quality is an important factor in frugality.

Going cheap can have its down falls, and thus going cheap is not always frugal.  Case in point, name brand contact cleaner is worth every least in my home.  I've been a contact wearer for nearly 2 decades now.  And a few years ago I learned that the eye discomfort I began having was caused by an allergy to the contact cleaner.  The answer was to switch to Clean and Clear; you wash the contact with solution and then but the contact in another chemical the bubbles and removes the residue.  After 12 hours the chemical morphs into simply saline, allowing a chemical free contact to go back into my eye.

After successfully making the switch to this bubbly process, it was time to restock.  I opted for the no-brand generic version.  For some reason I ignored the link between the brand switch and the return of eye/contact problems.  Distracted by life with two small children, my legal practice and my husband's growing business, I wrote it off.  And simply tossed the contacts far too soon.  Sanity returned and I asked the contact lens place about the change, and they told me that I am not the first to report problems with generic cleaner.

Once again I bought the name brand.  My contacts are now wearable, clean, and do not need to be tossed after one or two wears.  Frugal does not mean cheap, it means spending your money wisely, and in some cases that means paying more for quality.  Trust me!

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