Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Let Frequent Flier Miles Fall Into the Abyss

Frugal folks probably extend their spending habits to air travel.  As a result they likely carry a frequent flier card for an airline or airlines.  Hopefully those miles will be redeemed.  But what if they remain when the person's earthly time ends?  Yes, the estate planner in me emerges for this post.  But a fact just came to my attention in a seminar, and it is one my frugal friends will appreciate.
Without written (i.e. will) language transferring frequent flier miles, most airlines are happy to let them fall into the abyss.  -Stacy E. Singer.

If you are frugal, it is probably wise to check your paperwork.  Read the fine print.  Take control over those miles.  Hopefully you'll enjoy them, but it not, they may fall into the abyss and go unused.


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