Thursday, June 28, 2012

Free Hot Yoga Pass For Dragonfly

I've been writing frugal long enough that I now routinely hear "hey Melinda, this would be great for your blog".  Today's post is a product of one such exchange.  Free yoga class!  News of it was delivered by the young women we asked to care for the cats while we were away -- she is working there over the summer before returning to Minnesota in the fall (where she is studying education).

Where - Dragonfly Hot Yoga's new Middleton location

When - June 30th and July 1st.  Free classes for those who sign up in advance.  Other activities are planned; see web site.

Can't make it this weekend or the idea of hot yoga in the middle of a heat wave is too much for you?  You can still get a free class pass if:

1. you are new to Dragonfly;
2. you can try a class before August 31st; and
3. you email

Chances are I won't make it there this weekend, but I have requested my free class pass.  I enjoy yoga, but have never done "hot" yoga.  Sounds like a great way to improve my health, and I can try it for free.

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