Friday, June 15, 2012

Frugal Father's Day Fun

Recently I was asking my son if he wanted to make or purchase a father's day card this year.  He opted to make one, but then asked me a hard question. "Mama, can you send your baba (our word for dad) a father's day card?".  With a hint of sadness in my voice I answered, "no, my baba is in a place where I can't mail a card.". My dad died in September of 2009; my son was 13 months old and my daughter a twinkle in my eye.

This holiday I encourage you to think beyond the stuff associated with father' day, and focus on the person.  And then ask, how can I make our time together more meaningful.  Structure your approach to father's day around your answer.  You'll save money, use less resources, and create an emotionally healthy day.  Here is how it breaks down:

  • what topics is the father passionate about?
  • what experiences, not things, can I do to share that passion with him?
For example, in the case of my husband he has a boyish love of: Star Trek, junk food, and things that fly.  Our gift to him will be a day focused on these activities.  We hope to visit a small local airport restaurant where we can have some junk food and a beer while watching the planes land and take-off.  In the evening we'll enjoy an episode or two of Star Trek.  And I won't remind him of the health consequences of his junk food selection.  There will be some cards.  No tangible gifts, just time together sharing the things he loves. I think we'll all remember the day far longer than if we had bought him a tie, a mug or some other item sitting on a shelf some where.


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