Monday, June 4, 2012

Frugal Living Thanks To Westside Community Market

This past Saturday was "chamber of commerce weather", meaning it was a picture perfect day in Madison.  So ideal I was eager to leave the house and ended up forgetting my camera.  Once again I cannot bring you a photo from my frugal trip to the neighborhood farmers' market.  I did find a lovely stock image that I enjoy!

This week I set off on foot with my kids in the bike stroller.  We arrived at the Westside Community Market within 30 minutes.  Not a drop of gasoline used, and some great cardio for me!  My children were not as thrilled as I was to arrive at the market, something about the park we passed on the way there got their attention.  So I bribed their cooperation by letting them split half of a M&M cookie -- purchase price, $1.50, calm in the stroller, priceless.  While all was quiet, I set out to pick up some great local produce.  This weeks finds included:

  • three individual yogurts ($0.75/each) -- which were consumed with lunch
  • a cucumber for $1 -- half of which was diced and added with last week's remaining tomato, mozzarella, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and salt & pepper for the evening meal;
  • swiss chard for $4 -- it was chopped, blanched, and frozen for soups and quiche later this winter;
  • garlic scapes for $1 -- one was diced and used in the lunch omelette; and
  • leeks for $1 -- which were chopped into small portions and frozen for the winter.
The low prices are wonderful, but what amazes me the most is how long the produce stays fresh.  Since it was just picked, it is usable far longer than anything I've ever bought at a grocery store.

The perfect weather drew a large crowd today, combined with children eager for the park and limited cargo space in the bike stroller, I called it a day.  Next week I'll be going solo, stopping before my 8am appointment to have the car tuned up just down the road.  Traveling without children and with the carrying space of a Honda trunk, I think I'll stock up for the winter a bit more.

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