Friday, June 22, 2012

Frugal Living Via The Beauty School

Enough.  Time for the limp, stringy hair to end.  Last summer I experimented with the curly girl method, but the results were inadequate.  I wanted more body in my hair, instead I got a tangled mess.  Sorry no photos.

This summer (what is it about summer) my desire for a bouncier hair do has returned.  Curly girl was out.  Spending a $150 or more for a cut and perm at a salon is more than I can tolerate.  So I am taking a middle ground approach.  Off to the beauty school.  Cuts are $12.  Perms start at $32 and up.  It is my first time at VICI Beauty School.  I will be on campus for a legal seminar and decided to extended my stay and do something about my hair do.  

My husband dropped me off on campus before heading to a client on the other side of town (saved me $2 in bus fare and gave us 15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation, which is priceless).  As I got out of the car I reminded him that I'll have a new hairstyle the next time he sees me.  A shadow of concern washed over his face?
Husband: Can it be undone?  What if you hate it?
Me: Yes, I'll just wash it over and over, that would fix it.
Husband: Oh good, you get a little frustrated with your hair at times.  Sigh of relief.
Tune in next week for find out how the beauty school visit went!  Enjoy your weekend.

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