Friday, June 1, 2012

Frugal Transportation Via Bike

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Accountability can be a very strong motivator.  It worked for me when I wanted to run a 5k, which I did at the beginning of May.  The friend who held me accountable gave some great tips on how to make sure I completed my goal.  One was to tell everyone that I was going to run a 5K, and the more people I told the more my conviction to run solidified.  Using her advice, I am declaring today on my blog that I will work as hard as possible to bike more.....much more.

And reading this great article inspires me even more.  My goal is to post a blog at the end of the year that reflects on my transition from a driver to a biker.  I can already tell you what my biggest hurdle, aka excuse, will be "The kids".  I have two kids, which makes everything hard.  Knowing my argument in advance allows me to develop a counter argument. And the argument that always works with me is "do what is best for your children".  And here is why Mama biking wins:

  • saving money by decreasing gasoline purchases;
  • reducing the emissions my Honda would put into the air, the very air my kids breathe;
  • biking is good for my health, and a healthy Mama is essential;
  • role model an active lifestyle for my children;
  • enjoy the elements by being in nature; and
  • think about what you are about to buy (when shopping via bike) because you have to bike it home.  I'm certain this will reduce impulse buys.
One logistical problem I have is my computer and biking to work.  I am hesitant to put my lap top into a bag and bike to work.  That little box is a treasure of client documents and business forms.  I know there must be an easy solution.  I have a computer at the office, but it doesn't have Word Perfect (lawyers are the last group on the planet to give up Word Perfect) a my lap top does.  Can anyone offer a simple solution.  I've considered transferring documents to Open Office, but formatting might be a problem.  Your suggestions are needed!

So loyal readers, please feel free to inquire in the weeks ahead about how my biking is going. I need to be held accountable.  By doing so I'll deepen my frugal living habits, which will be good for my health, my wallet, and the planet.


  1. Yay! I am so happy to read this! You won't regret biking more. And biking with kids isn't too hard. And, they usually really like it. How will you decide when to bike or drive? Are you just biking to work, or are you going to try to do errands, etc. if they're within a certain distance of your house? I can't wait to hear about it over a run sometime soon :)

    1. My goal is to start with using the bike for errands (grocery, library, bank, farmers' market, doctor, etc.) that I would do solo. We have a carrier for the kids, but we wanted it looked over before taking them on the road (we bought it used). Plus, adding them and a stroller would give me an extra 90 pounds to lug. Baby steps is my plan. I am in the process of converting all my legal forms to Open Office, so I can do any edits etc on the office computer and can leave this one at home.