Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Progress on the Biking Front

Earlier this month I blogged about wanting to incorporate more biking into my life.  Sadly, those rides to the store had not materialized like I had hoped.  No, I was not using the car.  Instead I used the bike stroller and walked with my two kids.  Yet, I wanted to bike more.  And then yesterday arrived.

Tuesdays are days I meet clients at my office.  There were 4 meetings in total, and none required me to bring my lap top....I could use the computer in the office. I tossed what I needed into my backpack, added coffee and some protein options to make sure I had the energy to bike home.  It went well, but was not without a few snags.

  • Biking in a dress is not as easy as it looks.  All the way to work I feared a Marilyn Monroe moment, thankfully it was only a fear, not reality. How do other ladies bike in a dress?
  • Bike racks are not required at office buildings. Yes, in bike friendly Madison there are buildings without bike racks....mine.  Upon firing up the desk top computer at the office, I promptly emailed the landlord about having one installed; and
  • When you live and work in the "hillfarms neighborhood" expect hills.  Thankfully the up part of my commute is going home....leaving me a bit frazzled looking, but a frazzled bike commuter!
Tips and suggestions on working biking into your daily routine are welcome!  I'm saving gas money, strengthening my body, and going easy on the earth. And I want more of it!

My office -- hopefully a bike rack will be added soon!

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  1. I often throw on a pair of running shorts under the dress or just change into the dress when I get into the office. I also keep deodorant and facial towelettes in my desk drawer to freshen up quickly when I get in.