Monday, July 23, 2012

A Sunday Farmers' Market

This past Saturday we held our annual pre-show Opera in the Park party (watch for posts about frugal entertainment later in the week).  That meant I spent the day preparing for the 50 to 70 guests who had said they would stop bye.  My regular farmers' market trip was not a good fit; I could buy, but I'd have no space to store until I had the time to freeze.  Instead, I took the children to the Sunday morning market in Monona.

It was a perfect fit.  My husband spent the morning doing the work he would have normally done on Saturday (his schedule was also altered for the party), so I had a few hours to kill with the children.  The market is small, but plentiful.  And it is located immediately next to a small park.  Fresh veggies, then swings, a perfect way to start the day.

My purchases were small.  I got a whole chicken, which will be transformed into several meals throughout the week.  Sweet corn was too good to pass up; 4 ears for $2.  Making for a simple dinner Sunday evening.  It was paired with party leftovers.  Three zucchini were purchased for a $1 and are still waiting to be grated and froze, to repair this winter in the form of bread.

Simple, fresh, relaxed, local -- and the highlight of the adventure were the two sandhill cranes that danced and pecked a few hundred feet from the play structure.

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