Monday, July 30, 2012

Farmers' Market and Frugal Cooking

Another Saturday and another trip to our neighborhood farmers' market.  But it was not our usual outing.  First, instead of hauling out the double stroller, my soon to be four year old opted to walk.  Pushing a single stroller was amazingly easy.  But the thrill was my older child getting a more hands on experience at the market.  He helped select cobs of corn, searched for the largest zucchini, and at the end darted off towards the building and discovered a little, hidden garden.  Under the tree canopies we found tables, chairs, plants, and a new brick terrace.  What a delight!

Market finds were frugal as well.

  • $1 for three zucchini.  Shredded, each will yield a zucchini bread this winter.  It pairs wonderfully with an egg dish, and sneaks some veggies into the kids' meals;
  • $2.75 for 7 ears of corn.  All but one were perfect.  Once boiled and consumed, the husks and cob were added to our compost bin, where they will nurture our flower beds next Spring;
  • $1 three leeks.  Added to chili (made with the remains of last Monday's baked chicken) for a less intense onion flavor.
Great buys.  Minimal carbon footprint.  And I've got two kids learning their fruits and veggies as well as some of the story on where their food comes from.  If frugal living is your desire, farmers' market shopping is a must.

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