Monday, July 9, 2012

Farmers' Market Day: Plan B, Peck's Market

Shopping at the neighborhood farmers' market on Saturday morning is a constant in my life, usually.  That constant when chucked out the window when sleep deprived.  Friday night I pushed my luck staying up until 11:45pm watching The Daily Show on the internet; why pay for cable when I can get premium shows for free, on demand!  Just as I reached to turn off my bedside light my daughter let out a cry.  I froze as any sleep deprived parent of a young child does, wondering if they had gambled and lost.  Three hours later I knew I had daughter is charming and lovely, even when she keeps us awake from midnight to 3am.

Within a matter of minutes of tucking her in "for the night" and then myself I hear the unmistakable sound of a sick cat.  Up again, seeking out the mess.  One does not need to stumble upon it early the next morning.  By 4am I am attempting to sleep.   Mission accomplished ..... for about 1 hour.  At 5:00 am my son, nearing 4 years old, cries out in his sleep.  Apparently dreaming that his little sister is stealing his plastic snakes, I find myself searching the house for these toys in order to get my "earlier riser" child to stay asleep.

My dear husband (who was up with my daughter and I from 12am - 3am too) got up with our son at 7am, and once our daughter was awake, he ushered both of them out the door.  Mama slept until 11am.  I missed the market.  No stories of summer bounties frozen for January.

Yet my DNA seems to require a farm experience on the weekend, and so I opted for Plan B: Peck's Market East.  Sunday afternoon, while my husband caught up on the work he missed Saturday morning while I slept, I packed up my little family for a 30 minute drive to the Village of Spring Green on Highway 14.  On the outskirts is a great roadside market, complete with deer park.  And that park includes bison, a donkey, goats, pheasants, deer, pigs, a cow and much more.  There is no admission, and the store offers a great selection of local products.  After checking in on our animal friends, my son helped me shop.  Included  in our purchase was: wild rice, honey, maple syrup, and popcorn, all from Wisconsin.  We also snagged fresh blue berries, corn, and zucchini.

If you find yourself in that neck of the woods, I highly recommend Peck's.  The area is full of amazing attractions and cultural events, all of which have a steep admission fee.  Peck's offers simple, inexpensive fun.  Weekends include free wagon rides, and the place is a fall bonanza once pumpkins are ready for selection.  Here are a few pictorial highlights from Plan B.

Llama keeping cool in the mud.  Our heat wave broke, but it was near 90 on our visit.

Getting up close to the reason Wisconsin is the "dairy state".

Cuteness makes me reconsider vegetarianism again.

Released from the double stroller, the Gervasi kids clamor to get a better view of the ducks.

Peck's East -- not sure of the back story with Peck's West.....I think there was a family feud (seriously).

We have the makings of a future cook.....or at least an adult who is comfortable with purchasing and preparing food.  These little carts are pure genius on the part of Peck's.

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