Thursday, July 12, 2012

Frugal Date Night Ideas

Looking for alternatives to dinner and a movie?  Here are a few "date night" ideas that will make your dollar go farther, improve your health, and ease your step on Mother Earth:

  • Picnic out instead of dine out.  Keep it simple with bread, cheese, fruit, deli meat or hummus if you are vegetarian.  Water flavored with lime, cucumber or other summer produce is refreshing and dirt cheap.  Walk to a nearby park or enjoy the splendor of your backyard.  
  • Walk in nature.  Great locations are State and or County Parks.  Bring along water and trial mix.  Turn off the Smart Phone and enjoy the sounds of summer before they are gone.
  • Sign up for a 5k run/walk.  This might drive the cost of the evening up a bit, but the entrance fee is likely tax deductible and you'll get a great work out.  Avoiding restaurant food will cut down on the carbon impact of meals away from home.  Slightly uncommon, you can find 5k runs in the evening.  My husband and I are signed up for one on July 28th.
These are three ideas that come to mind, but there are countless more.  A client of mine, who was a psychiatrist, once said, date night is worth the price of a sitter.  Without them you'll face the cost of a divorce attorney....and that will cost a lot more per hour!  Don't be so frugal as to scrimp on valuable couple time that you put strain on a marriage.

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