Friday, July 20, 2012

Frugal Eating In the Spirit of O'Keefe

Longtime readers may remember a post I did some time ago about having a meal plan; Monday is curry night, Tuesday pasta, etc.  My belief was that having a rhythm to our meals would bring predictability, simplicity, and frugality.  I was all for the ways of homemakers of decades past.

But, I live in modern times.  That means I juggle a legal practice, parenting, a spouse's career (which currently involves growing his own business), aging parents, pets, a house, and on and on.  Predictability is great, but the scope of my meals was too great.  My kids are 4 and 2 -- if you've been in my shoes you know that meals can be a contest over control.  So, I've taken the effort to simplify more this summer.  There is still a rhythm to our meals, but the complexity has faded.

Reading a passage in the book How Georgia Became O'Keefe: Lessons in the Art of Living by Karen Karbo I was delighted to read she too had followed this path.  There were no kids or a spouse to balance at the time, but the following was her meal plan most days:

  • Breakfast:  whole-grain bread, fruit, some kind of meat, tea;
  • Midmorning snack: homemade yogurt or protein drink;
  • Lunch: salad, made from whatever was ready to harvest in the garden;
  • Dinner: Fruit and cheese
-Karen Karbo, page 205.

Mine is not too far off, and works well with kids.  I bake a chicken on Monday, served with veggies and a grain.  It reappears Tuesday with pasta, sauce, and beans.  Wednesday it is still there with tortillas and soup. Other meals from that one chicken are eggs scrambled with chicken and salsa or a soup.

Simplicity, it is so freeing.  How about you?  What old ways have you tossed aside in order to live with less?

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