Thursday, July 26, 2012

Frugal Little Kid Bed

This past weekend our son graduated to a big boy bed, and it didn't break the bank.  Since taking down his crib he had been sleeping on the crib mattress that was on the floor.  Why?

  • the ease factor, no shopping involved;
  • decreased the chance of falling out a higher bed and hurting / breaking an arm (or collar bone, which happened to a friend's child); and
  • making use of an item for as long as possible....we got 4 years out of a crib mattress!
But, he is about to turn 4 and something larger was required.  Futon was my answer.  A simple, unfinished pine frame.  My only challenge was finding it.  And I really hate shopping, especially if it means having to take my kids along.  They prefer the park to a store any day.  In a moment of inspiration I remembered the furniture I had worked with when we bought our house and I opened my legal office.  I fired off an email and got the response I wanted -- he would be getting one in stock on July 21st.  Perfect.

Quality Furniture is located on Stoughton Rd in Madison, and is owned by Danny.  Danny is my "furniture guy". He sells new pieces that are moderately priced, and he sells used pieces.  This futon, frame, mattress, and cover cost me $129.  And I joke, partly, that our son will take it to his college dorm room.

Image credit:  taken by author, M. Gustafson Gervasi, July 2012 -- special thanks to Willa the Cat for modeling.  
Actually, she jumped into the shot when I pulled out the camera in only the way a cat can.

I know many frugal folks who swear by Craigs List -- I swear by Danny.  I can give him specifications for what I want.  He knows furniture.  He has a truck to transport furniture.  I have limited time, and doubt I could have found a better deal (factor in gas money, finding a vehicle to move it in, time away from work or running the aspects of my house I am good at, mainly cooking and cleaning).  If you have endless time and access to a large vehicle, Craigs List may be a great resource.  If not, outsource to a well priced professional.  Think outside the box of frugal living.

And as I focus on practicing law, raising my kids, cooking frugal meals, and keep a clean home -- Danny is looking for a pine table I can put in my basement.  He has a price limit and time frame.  Delegation feels great!

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