Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frugal Ways in the Kitchen

Regular readers of my blog know that our kitchen consumes a fair amount of corn on the cob as well as blanches a good number of veggies that are frozen for winter consumption.  Eating local is frugal -- buy direct, cut out the processing, reduce the amount of oil for transport, etc.  With a few thoughtful steps in the kitchen, you can get even more bang for your buck.

One, remove corn or blanched veggies from the large pot of water with a tong or slotted spoon.  Set the water aside to cool.  Instead of pouring it down the drain, use it to water a plant in your yard or dump it on the compost pile for extra moisture.

Two, when trimming and cutting up veggies and fruits, make sure to toss the unused portions into a large bowl.  It will fill up quickly, and is great material for your compost pile.  In a few short months it will turn into a magical mix for your flower beds.

Three, any paper products (cartons, bags, etc.) that you receive at the market (or any store) can be torn into small pieces and added to the compost pile.  I find this very helpful during the summer months; our veggie and fruit contributions increase and yard waste decreases.  Brown paper, cardboard, etc. are all brown matter and are essential to maintaining the proper balance in the pile.

There you have it, three little steps to getting every ounce of value out of your farmers' market buys.  Did I overlook your favorite?  If so, please share in a comment.

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