Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Living Like It's Vacation

Does it ever seem like the universe is trying to send you a message?  It's felt that way for me this past week.  Twice while reading two very different books, I came across the same message.  Live life like you are on vacation and life will be more enjoyable.  And living life on vacation means living with only the essentials, toss the rest.

The first book was Anne Morrow Lindbergh's A Gift From the Sea, a delightful little read full of meditations on life, love, parenting, solitude, and more.  She urges the reader to live life with only the bare essentials, and I agree.  Slowly I have been clearing clutter from the flat surfaces where it seems to congregate.  There is something tranquil about walking into a kitchen and the morning light spreads out on a clear counter.

Another book that I glanced at before returning to the library was Sharon Kreighbaum's Is Your House Overweight.  Quirky is the adjective that comes to mind when describing the book.  It fell short of my expectations, with the caveat that it too drummed the message that living like you are on vacation leads to a better life.  Get rid of things you truly do not need.

This message not only motivates me to donate items to Savers, but echoes in my mind on the rare occasions I am in a store.  Really, do I need that?  Will it actually provide countless hours of use or enjoyment.  Most likely not.  It stays on the shelf.  My total at the register is less.  And my carbon footprint just a bit lighter.

Living life like I'm on vacation, this is an easy mindset to get used to!

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