Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Party Food Transformed to Curry

This past weekend we held one of our three annual parties.  This was a pre-show event for the free Opera in the Park that is held about a block and a half away.  On hand I had a platter of fresh veggies and hummus.  After the guests had departed I saw I had a good amount of fresh veggies leftover.  Sunday morning I turned the broccoli and cauliflower into a veggie curry.

Saute garlic, the veggies, curry paste, a can of chick peas and a bit of water.  It was froze for later in the week, to be added to brown rice for a simple dinner with Monday's leftover chicken.

Even if you are not hosting, curry from party leftovers is an option.  Often people are trying to send food home with guests.  Don't pass on an opportunity to transform munchies.  You'll save money, eat healthy, and tread a little lighter on mother earth.

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