Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Progress on the Biking Front

Last week I made good progress on the bike front, or at least the non-car front.  One day I biked to my office.  The next I walked to work and at the end of my meeting met up with my husband to go to an event near campus.  Two days of work commute, two days of leaving the Honda in the garage.  It is not earth shattering news, but it is progress.  A change happens in small steps.

Once again we are facing a heat wave, with daily temps hitting the three digits.  It is not common for Madison.  The heat makes biking and walking a challenge, but it won't keep me from biking.  Distance does.  Tuesday I have meetings that are not bike-able.  Wednesday my schedule is jammed, but I am going to try and re-work it so I have enough time to pedal to work.  Thursday is normally a day I work from home, but once again I have meetings that require transportation.

For a bedtime story last night I read All About Electric and Hybrid Cars: and who's driving them by Stephanie Bearce.  It fueled my motivation to leave the Honda at home still more.  It asserts that half of all carbon dioxide polluting the earth is caused by modern vehicles.  Reading this aloud, to my four year old, really hit home.  Words in a book can be powerful, but children learn by watching a parent.

So how does not driving fit with frugal living?

  • driving less prolongs the life of our car, putting off another purchase;
  • less gasoline is required;
  • walking and biking lead to a more active life, which has long-term health benefits;
  • carrying what I've purchased makes me spend less and more wisely; and
  • getting out in nature has great mental health benefits.
So, the Honda is still a large part of my life.  My goal is to keep minimizing that goal.  It will save me money, improve my health, and be just a little more gentle on the earth.

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