Friday, July 27, 2012

What Is Frugal?

When you write a blog on frugal living there is a strong change you'll get a lot of comments from folks on what they do that is frugal.  I should clarify, what they think is frugal.  Frugal is in the mind of the person, and is relative.

An example is when I have people say, "hey, I got a great deal, this was 50% off!"  When I hear something was 50% off I may think, that was a good discount, but it doesn't make it frugal.  To me frugal living is the efficient expenditure of time and money.  Instead of buying something, could it have been borrowed?  Why is ownership so important.  Not only does it cost you money to acquire it, but ownership requires space (which is not free), maintenance, insurance, and replacement costs.

If you want to embrace frugal living, my kind, then I urge you to resist the "good deal".  You'll save money, have less to juggle, and walk a bit more gently on the earth.  And with that, I wish you a happy and relaxing weekend.  I'll be back Monday!

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