Thursday, August 23, 2012

Americans Toss Out 40% of Food!

Wow, this article caught my attention.  With two little kids in the family, we are well aware that far too much food ends up in the garbage.  Every time I toss away food, I recognize that I might as well just throw money away.  When it can go into the compost I feel somewhat better.  But still, 40%!!!  For the average family of 4 it is more than $1,000 a year in wasted funds.  And that motivates me to decrease our wasted food.

Containing the gibbon like behavior of our 2 year old may be out of my control (the girl loves to whip food about the kitchen, hop off her seat, dance in it, and then sometimes eat it.....and that is why we rarely eat out).  But there are steps I can take.  For example:

  • decrease the portion size I give to the kids.  If and when they finish it, give more, but a small amount;
  • eat foods that can go to compost instead of the trash.  At least the waste will nourish our flower beds in the future;
  • keep the fridge clean and relatively empty....too many times I'll move things around and "discover" a forgotten item that has started to wither...or decompose.
That is what comes to my mind.  How about yours?  What do you do to limit the food that never graces a plate, but goes from store to fridge to garbage can?  $1,000 is a lot of money, and worth consideration!

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I love the contrast of a trash can against the lovely blue of the ocean.  
Reduce waste, save money, and protect the natural world.   A win win in my book.

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