Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Frugal Living: End of Season Sales

It's official, August has arrived.  To retailers it means the push to increase revenues through back to school sales.  In an effort to make room for rain coats, folders, back packs, umbrellas and the countless things we associate with Fall, they are slashing prices on summer related items.  Here in the Midwest we still have a solid 6 to 8 weeks of hot to warmish temperatures.  Plus, we know next year we'll be in summer all over again.  This is a great time for frugal folks to save big bucks on summer staples.  Here are few suggestions to make the most of your dollar:

  1. Shop with a list, no impulse buys.  If you didn't think you needed it before you left home, you likely don't need it at the store.
  2. Focus on staples you know you'll use next year.  Think sun screen, swim suits, garden supplies and pots, summer clothing, sandals, sun glasses, hats, bedding (pastels and summer styles are marked down), summer toys (sidewalk chalk, bubbles, pools) and kids clothes in larger sizes (i.e. if they are 2T now, buy 3T or even 4T if the price is low enough).
  3. Be organized.  Have a specific spot in your home where these items are stored.  Make sure you see it often, which will decrease the change your forget what you bought and end up buying it again next year at full price.
Enjoy the savings!

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