Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frugal Living Via Farmers' Markets

Image credit:  August 2012, M. Gustafson Gervasi

Sunday was market day for us last weekend.  And what a fun morning.  We met up with good friends.  The kids enjoyed the park, and the mama's enjoyed fresh veggies.  Sometimes I hear comments that I make my life hard because I take my two young children to things like the farmers' market.  An outing requires diapers, snack cups, my double stroller, and various other accessories. It is hard, but it serves a long-term goal; to raise children who become self-sufficient adults.  And that includes the ability to cook basic food.  From that skill will come positive health effects, minimal expense, and people who tread a little less harshly on the planet.  Time in the kitchen is one thing, learning how to identify and buy food is another.  We aim for both.  Featured above are:

  • melon, $2
  • 7 ears of corn; $3
  • green onions, $1
  • 2 huge zucchini, $1
  • and 2 sunflowers, $2
My four year old can identify all of them, my two year old several of them.  My 37 year old husband....well, he can identify the colors.  The product of a home where meals were restaurant take-out six to seven nights of the week, my brilliant scientist husband is at a loss when it comes to the kitchen.  I vow not to have that trend continue to the next generation.  

And here is a bonus picture, taken last week.  Both of my children joined me in the kitchen to make a chocolate cake, from scratch, for my son's 4th birthday.  A relative described me as "brave".  No, I just love to cook/bake, and I want to share that joy with my children.  Craft projects are another story, and it is domain (except for coloring) that I have handed over to our sitter.  

Image credit:  August 2012, M. Gustafson Gervasi
My overall point -- if you want to be frugal cook.  If you don't know how marry/partner with someone who does.  Take cooking lessons.  You don't need to be Julia Child, basics will take you a long way.  And if you want your kids to be frugal (and healthy), bring them in the kitchen.  It is far easier to turn on a DVD while you prep dinner, but that short term relief is at the expense of a great life lesson.

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