Friday, August 17, 2012

Frugal Transportation

Regular readers of my blog may recall earlier in the summer when I declared my intention to bike as much as possible, especially to my office.  Well....that hasn't quite happened.  I know, excuses, excuses.  But you cannot deny the following challenges:

  • excessive heat;
  • the need to take my computer because Open Office doesn't work well with Word Perfect Legal (I use that in my home office);
  • sleep deprivation caused by my lovely 4 and 2 year old children, and the occasional cat;
  • car travel to clients who are too sick to come into my office; and
  • lugging bulky office supplies to work because my new assistant does not have a car.
So, biking to work hasn't materialized like I had planned.  However, I have made some good progress on leaving the Honda in the garage when in comes time for errands.  Case in point, a week ago Friday I found out that the home warranty insurance would fully cover replacing our leaking kitchen faucet.  The kicker, I had to buy the faucet.  The idea of a car trip at 2pm on a lovely summer afternoon to Home Depot felt like a kick in the stomach.  Inspiration hit, and I called my local Ace Hardware.  I gave them the specific features I needed for the faucet, and sure enough they had one in stock.  Price didn't matter because the insurance was covering it.  With the faucet waiting for me at the counter, I loaded my two children into our bike stroller and laced up my tennis shoes.  I spent the next four hours on foot, doing errands at Hilldale Mall.
  • first stop, new a box larger than I expected, but I made it work;
  • next to Morgan shoes where my son redeemed a birthday coupon for free Smart Wool socks (approximately $15 in value).  While we were there we picked up fall shoes for both, and I got my loyal customer card punched.  Once full it will be worth $50;
  • rounding out the mall stop was a spin through Sentry (yes, with the bike stroller) to pick up meat for the week ahead.  Stored in the cooler bag tucked in the "trunk" of the stroller, it kept well even though the August sun was shining down on us.
  • On the trip home we enjoyed an hour or so at the park before heading home for dinner.
Not one drop of gas used to run these errands.  Great exercise for me, and fresh air for the kiddos.  We bought only what fit in the stroller.  On the way home my son asked "when can we go to Bayfield again?"  When I inquired what prompted him to ask, he said he loved our time in Bayfield because we walk everywhere, just like today.  "Honey, we don't need to be in Bayfield to walk....we can do this here too, and we will."

Review view of stroller.  My backpack, circa 1991, which I've blogged about in the past was key to maximizing hauling capacity on this foot trip. 

I love a store that accommodates my stroller!  
No wonder they won best grocer of the year - thank Metcalfes Sentry.

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