Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Going Dutch

Last night, as I headed down the hall to shower and get ready for sleep my husband stopped me and said, "Melinda, you know you do have a lot in common with the Dutch".  For those who know my  husband this does not seem like an odd statement.  Very much the philosopher personality he is known for grand statements, which are often followed by what borders on a mini-college lecture.  Good for him I adore education and spent 9 years in college and graduate programs!

His message last night was rather concise.  Based on his travel to the Netherlands and what he'd learned from friends who lived there, the Dutch are a very organized and efficient society.  Waste of any kind bothers them.  So much so that the concept of splitting the tab on a meal extends to meals enjoyed at home, not just in a restaurant, what we Americans call "going Dutch".  He sees a lot of that in me.

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Why bring this up at the end of a day?  We'd just spent 30 minutes discussing how I felt bad that I just did not have the energy or focus to write my frugal post for the next day.  My daughter has reverted to waking in the night, and the sleep interruption is taking its toll (yes, I know there are those who say let her cry it that I respond, sure and then she wakes up her older brother, which happened last night).  Knowing my sleep will be punctuated by children, and if not them, cats, I have become very efficient with my time once there are in bed.

Our conversation started with "why do you write Frugal Upside".  To which I responded "it is a great way to get all the thoughts swirling around in my head, out of my head.  If not, they just swirl away, distracting me."  That is why I started.  But there are more reasons now.  One, writing it makes me actually lead a frugal life.  We are blessed with two sound businesses and are well compensated.  Frugality is not a necessity, but a vestige from the days I was working my way through school and then the mountain of debt I'd accumulated.  Two, we are Unitarian Universalists, and a frugal life is very much in line with several core principles.  Not only do I want my kids to get the UU religious education, I want them to experience their parents living those values. And three, I believe what I write helps others become frugal or maintain frugal living.

So, I will continue to write Frugal Upside.  It is actually fun for me.  But I want to keep it positive and fun, so I will blog when I have something to say that is worth sharing and the time to compose a decent post.  There may be days when not post occurs.  If so, that is just me being efficient with my time.  Loyal readers are welcome to write a guest post if that appeals to them.  Just drop me a message.

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