Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday's Market Report

Rain clouds loomed in the distance, but we opted to test our luck.  My daughter, age 2, and I were out running errands Sunday morning.  My husband and son, who will turn 4 next weekend, were at home paining  a wall in our son's room.

Checking some errands off our list for the week and removing our two year old from the home was a win win.  After returning some shirts that did not fit my husband correctly, we decided to hit the Monona Farmers' Market.  Saturday's trek to the walkable Westside Market did not happen; we are short on sleep in our house thanks to a summer cold that is entering week two for the kids.  Missing my market day, we headed to the beltline and the lovely Sunday market.  Small, but complete.

For $7 we picked up:

  • cherries for $2 -- great for dessert or with breakfast in the week ahead;
  • large cabbage for $1 -- slice into quarters and frozen until March when lamb stew is on the menu;
  • tomatoes for $3 -- combined with cucumber (previous buy) and mozarella with olive oil and red wine vinegar or simply served, sliced with salt -- easy veggies for lunches this week;
  • two eggplants for $1 -- diced and blanched with chopped zucchini, frozen into four freezer bags, marked for "curry" this winter.

As we enter a new week, give thought to how local farmers' markets can save you money and put amazingly fresh food on the table.

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