Monday, August 27, 2012

Taking A Summer Vacation

The outgoing message on my email and voice mail alert those trying to contact me that I am "out of the office" until Tuesday, September 4th.  For those who've heard the message, they assume I am taking a long vacation.  No, I'm not.  The time has been blocked off to allow me a chance to focus on a large project that has been on again off again for several years.  I'm writing book.  A little one.  The topic is how anyone, even the middle class, can be philanthropic.  So, in an effort to give my writing all I have, I've decided to take a break from both of my blogs until Tuesday, September 4th.  I told myself that I'd have a draft by the end of summer.  And summer's end is quickly approaching.

Thanks for checking in, and I'll be back after Labor Day with new thoughts.

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