Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheap Local Eats in Madison, Wisconsin

Saturday was the perfect day for the neighborhood farmers' market.  With the kids in the bike stroller, we set off for the 30 minute walk on a blue and crisp Saturday morning.  Being on foot we were mindful not to buy too much.  Purchases include zucchini, grape tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, and swiss chard.  From which we consumed or will consume several tasty meals where the plate featured mainly local foods.  Fresh, tasty, and inexpensive; I spent a total of $11 at the market.  Toss in getting children excited about healthy eating, and you've got a win-win situation!

Saturday afternoon we tackled the zucchini.  My two year old even attempted to do the shredding, but need mama's assistance.  Soon she'll have it down pat!

We got 4 good sized zucchini for $1; we turned one into the nights dinner -- quiche.  The other three were shredded and frozen.  They will reappear this winter either in another quiche or zucchini bread.

Combined with the tomatoes, corn, and cottage cheese (from the grocer) we had a market fresh dinner.  Quiche is a great way to work vegetables into the diets of those less inclined to enjoy them, namely my husband and children.  When hidden in egg and cheese, if is often consumed quickly.

If you are looking to eat well for not so much money, seek out locally grown veggies.  Buying direct from the farmer can save you money too.....they often negotiated, especially if you arrive near closing, as we did.

Thanks for reading, and if you have good recipes for frozen zucchini, please share!

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