Thursday, September 27, 2012

From Frugal to Hoarder?

Earlier this week I finished reading the book The Hoarder in You: how to live a happier, healthier, uncluttered life by Dr. Robin Zasio.  I was quite relieved to realize that I was no where near the level of hoarder she describes in this book, however, there are some things that were a little too close to home.  Clutter and a zen like home, my ideal, do not mix.  Overall the book motivates me to keep with my current habits -- purge as much as possible, and do some routinely.

One sentence jumped out at me and made me think of my frugal minded friends -- "free can be very costly" (bottom of page 127).  While little hotel shampoos and packets of salsa with take-out may be "free", they do come with a cost.  They contribute to clutter, which leads to a stressful environment.  And I would like to add, the cost of space to house all of that clutter.  I am not over the top on collecting freebies, but I do have a large part of my brain that says "hold on to this, you might need it....especially if it is a child related item".  Robin as well as my husband have a good response to this behavior - you can always get another one if and when you need it again.  Let it go, free up space, reduce stress.  And that is the trend I am living on these days.

I'd recommend this book for anyone seeking tips on how to keep ahead of the clutter.  Our world tends toward chaos, so this will be a lifelong battle.  She has some excellent tips.  My copy of the book is headed back to the library -- which is a great way to be frugal, and keep book clutter to a minimum in your home.  Happy reading!

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