Thursday, September 13, 2012

Frugal Living: Home Offices, Tulip bulbs, Wild Turkeys, and Leftovers

Thursday morning was spent working in my home office.  Yes, I can actually work from home, and I have done so for years.  Not only does a home office generate a write-off on our taxes, it allows me to avoid a commute half of my working days.  Plus, I can easily toss in a load of laundry on my way to the office, which I did earlier.

As the clock struck 12:30pm I morphed from lawyer mode to mama mode, and prepared to spend the afternoon with my kids.  Hmmmm, what to do?  It had rained just enough to make the park swings too wet.  With the cooler temperatures and rain, there was no denying fall was upon us. And fall means buying spring bulbs.  So off to favorite local greenhouse, just two beltline stops away.  I have my own childhood memories of Johannsen's, and now my children will as well.  In about 20 minutes we managed to spend $46 on spring bulbs.  Goodness, we have a lot of planting to do around Halloween.  The bulbs we planted last year did not materialize, most likely I planted too early.  I know better now.  With a variety of shades of purple (my son's favorite color) and pink as well as green (my daughter's favorite colors) we headed to the car.

It seemed too early to return home for dinner, so we went down one stop on the beltline to check-out the UW Arboretum.  With raincoats and a light sprinkle my children chased wild turkeys, literally.  A small flock of four or five was hanging out in the parking lot when we arrived.  Once our feet hit the pavement, they waddled off, and my kids were in hot pursuit.  Along the way they each found a turkey feather to bring home.

Sufficiently exercised we headed home for dinner.  Pasta with a tomato sauce, frozen spinach, and leftover chicken (yes we are still eating the chicken baked on Monday, and have just enough for a chicken omelette tomorrow).

And that is a typical day in my frugal life.  Always looking for efficiency, hence the home office.  Playing with my kids in nature, and instilling in them an appreciation for the outdoors -- it costs very little.  And limiting waste by eating simple meals at home.  That was our Thursday.  How was yours?

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