Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Frugal Mama Discovers Toddler Yoga

For the past few months a women I know has been encouraging me to give her Toddler Yoga class a try.  She'd sing its praises, but always end with "I know the price can be a bit high...".  Finally, the planets aligned and I was able to take the kids for a trial run.  We left addicted.  And the price is not too high, not when my frugal mind analyzes what we get for the fee.

Offered through Blackbird Family Yoga in Middleton, the class magically falls at the perfect time, 10:30 am on Friday mornings.  Fridays are my day off from legal work, so my mornings we with the kids are open.  A start time of 10:30 allows for a lazy start to the day; plenty of time to get the three of us fed, dressed, and in my case, caffeinated.  Middleton is only a ten minute drive from our home, and a branch of our credit union is next to the yoga studio allowing for me to add on a quick banking errand if needed.  Fewer car trips save money at the pumps!

For $15 we receive:

  • Thirty minutes of adult yoga.  The restorative effect of 30 minutes in a zen like environment can not be emphasize enough.  My goodness, it is like a mini spa treatment.  Cork floors, calm music, natural light, and pleasant smells.  When the 30 minutes end it is as though I've just awoke from a restful slumber;
  • Another thirty minutes of playful yoga with the kids.  We leave with new ideas, awareness of breath, and pure giddiness from the silly games the instructor designs;
  • Flexibility for both body and budget.  Drop in classes ensure that we pay only for what we use.  Case in point, this past summer I signed the kids up for nature classes.  Due to illness, vacation, and extreme heat we only managed to make it to two-thirds of the classes we paid for.  Driving the cost per class higher than I would have paid if purchasing them individually.  That problem is avoided when you can simply "drop in"; and
  •  Killing three birds with one stone.  This class checks off exercise for me (if you doubt yoga is exercise give it a try and tell me how your muscles feel 36 hours later!), and exercise for both children.  The cost if far less expensive than the gymnastic classes I had been considering for the fall, and those would have only been for my 4 year old, not my 2 year old.  All three of us get a workout in with one trip to the studio.
Now that we've gone a few times, I know we'll be back.  And I plan to purchase classes in bulk, which means for $200 I can get 20 classes.  That drives the fee down to $10 / class, a real bargain in my mind.  

I leave you with this thought, when someone tells you "it is a bit expensive", don't take it at face value.  If the fee is "high", but you receive multiple benefits (fun, flexible, quality, etc.) it is worth the money in the long run. At least in the mind of this frugal writer.  Namaste!

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