Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rainy Day at the Market, Thrift Shopping, and Saying Hello to the Furnace

Yes, I am back.  Life has been hectic.....or at least that is one adjective you can use.  My husband and I are both adding staff to our respective businesses, the children have had colds resulting in me having the sleep habits of a giraffe, and there are only 24 hours in a day.  Thoughts of frugal posts pop into my mind, but the time and energy required to tap the computer keys has been missing this week.  Until tonight, so I am back, with a journal like approach this blog.

Of all the days of the farmers' market season, today I made it there with both kids, flying solo as a parent.  The temperatures hovered around 50 degrees and a light drizzle fell from the sky.  The first pie pumpkin of the season was purchased for $1.75, a few acorn squash, a bag of local pears (which I plan to puree and freeze), green onions, spinach, and green beans rounded out the purchase.  The last two found themselves on the dinner plate, along side some tasty pizza from down the road, making for an easy dinner.

After stocking up on local veggies, the kids and I headed to Savers in search of a winter coat for my two year old daughter.  The past few days I have used Amazon Prime's free shipping and my ever loved Morgan's Shoes to outfit the kids in winter gear.  As a result of me getting ahead of the game, I bet we won't see snow until February.  You can thank me now or later, unless you are a snow lover, to which I say "sorry".  It feels wonderful to have most of the gear we need, and to have it come in under budget.  While Savers was a bust on the winter coat, we did pick up some lovely Halloween decorations and the building block of costumes.  Cheetah ears and tail for my son, and rabbit ear and a tail for my daughter.  Both cost less than $4/each, and will work well with warmer weather clothing.  Now I just have to sell the kids on the idea of this being an outfit.  Time will tell.

The afternoon brought a quick stop by my husband's office; he wanted me to see the suites he is considering relocating to.  The kids sprinted up and down the hallways, and we discussed layout, price per square foot, and the logistics of the move.  When you are self-employed there really is no such thing as a lazy Saturday.  Thankfully we both love our work, and enjoy relaxing at odd times (yesterday he came home for lunch, and then we each took our daily run, before he returned to the office).  The upside of frugal living is that we can be a dual self-employed couple, and not be in a financial crisis.

After the office tour we burned off a bit more energy at a local park, and then made our weekly stop at the neighborhood library.  Once again we loaded up on books, colored, and did some puzzles.  The lure of ice cream to go (for dessert) allowed me to have the children leave peacefully.  Once home it was a quick bath, prepped dinner, order the pizza, and dined.  A few stories over mint tea, and I could see the heavy eyes.  Both went down within minutes, and my deepest hope is that they'll stay that way until the birds chirp.....most   recent nights have brought calls for mama at 12am, 2am, 4am, and 6am.  Hence the nod to being like a giraffe.

And tonight may be the first night we turn on the furnace, which we usually set for 62 degrees.  Earlier tonight the temperature was at 64, and given tonight's forecast of 32, I think we'll be saying hello to it for the first time this season.  We have until November for it to fail and be covered under the extended home warranty....which was the best gamble we've taken in years.  Given that it has now exceeded it's life expectancy we are going to watch it closely.

Because of the sleep challenges raised by my kids, I have not been able to walk as much as I had hoped.  Why?  If either sleeps for more than 20 minutes, they are up until 11pm or later, and then sleep horribly for the night.  If I walk anywhere in the afternoon, the risk of a nap in the stroller is quite high.  So the Honda it is, or we walk in the AM.  I had a plan for living frugally, and then they shot it down.  So we switch gears, for now.  Sleep is of the greatest importance.  Wouldn't you agree.  What do you allow to trump frugal living?  Where do you draw the line?

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back as much as possible.

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  1. I wonder if you have ever been to any of the children's consignment stores? I know of two.

    There is Funky Monkey children's resale store? It's a consignment kids store that I have been interested in checking out especially since I was told they carry kids clothes up to about size 7. My only hold back is that there is no clear formula for how much you get in credit for item they buy form you, like 40% of the resale price or something. I have asked and the guy who owns the store said the amount of credit depends. I know it is far from you, it's on East Johnson just before East Washington, but seems like something you might be into. Also it is near to Ella's Deli that has kids eat free nights, I think Monday and Tuesday but you should call ahead, as well as $1 carousel rides!

    Then there is Happy Bambino EcoBotique, have you been there. They have told me that the amount of credit is 40% of the resale price, to me that sound like a deal if the other option is straight donation. However they only sell up to size 4T and my kids are getting close being out of that size range. So I have yet to check it out. This place is also pretty far, in's on Manona Drive at Buckeye I think.

    So have you been to either/any? Are you interested in checking it out and posting? Just though I would make a suggestion with the hope you might want to review the stores, by the way I have no affiliation with either or any children's consignment stores I'm just a frugal mother of little ones looking to make our money stretch.