Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Westside Madison Rummage Sale to Benefit JDRF

Combine giving discarded items a second life with charitable giving, and you have a story that catches my attention!  It's even better when it happens just down the road from my house.  Later this week friends of ours who live in the neighborhood will spend their Friday and Saturday running a rummage sale.  Proceeds will be directed to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in an effort to find a cure for the disease their middle child was diagnosed with just over a year ago.

I have left several boxes and bags on their door step, happy to clear items from my home, give them a chance at a second (or third) life, while raising funds for an important cause.  And you, at least my local readers, can help to.  Rummage sales need shoppers (5110 Marathon Drive on Madison's west side).  Check it out if you can, 8am-2pm Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th.  And if you are not able to put social media to the job of spreading the word.  Dollars add up, and this young man's world can be changed.

Inspired?  Keep the following ideas in mind if you opt to try a sale for your favorite cause:

  • hold the sale in a high traffic area (busy road, ask a community center or church or school to donate space for the sale);
  • skip the pricing and simply ask people to make is for charity;
  • see if a local bagel shop or bakery will donate food to sell, or ask friends to bake items for sale;
  • sell brown garbage bags for $8 or $10 and allow people to fill them up for that price;
  • in the last 2 hours slash prices by 50% or more (if you are pricing);
  • have literature on hand about the charitable organization;
  • offer a way for people to make a direct donation to the non-profit (i.e. computer on hand for on-line pledges); 
  • hold the sale in conjunction with another event associated with the cause, such as its annual 5k; and
  • have a donation center lined up for items that do not sell.
Have an idea I missed?  Post a comment and share.

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