Sunday, October 14, 2012

Frugal Fall Decorations

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  The bursts of bold colors juxtaposed against gray or brilliant blue skies.  And yet, no matter how much I love mums and outdoor fall decorations, I am still frugal.  Above is one of four mums I have in our front yard.  I splurged and bought 3 for $25 from a local store (Brennans) near our home.  The fourth was a birthday gift (keep that in mind if you are ever in need of an idea for a Fall baby).  Bright sun, water most days, and they are simply amazing.  A ceramic pumpkin and a green hanging plant (again from Brennan) round out the shot.  During the rest of the year the ceramic pumpkin can be found in my holiday closed down in the basement.

Loving the color on the front steps, I decided to add some more.  And this was the result.

$12 for the straw, $20 for the pumpkins, $4 for the Indian corn.....and I can't remember the price of the other gourds.  My plan is for this to brighten up the front of our house until the day after Thanksgiving.  And then every last bit will be dumped into our compost bin.  From the mums to the gourds to the straw to the will all get a second chance.  Compost that will enrich our yard for seasons to come.  Now in my mind, that is frugal.

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