Friday, October 12, 2012

Frugal Fundraiser!

Hello Dear Reader,

Today's post is about my decision to once again participate in the America Heart Association's Annual Heart Walk.  My love of this event stems from several areas.  Most importantly the fact that but for pacemaker technology, my mother would have died in the summer of 2008, a few weeks before my first child was born.  Because of research and technology, she is alive today, and my children know their grandmother.

A second reason is that there is NO entrance fee for the event.  None.  You can show up and walk.  This is the only event I solicit funds for, no others.  On-line donations can still be made, and every penny counts.  If you are inclined, please support my effort to help others.  And I will be drawing the name of one donor to whom I will give a bottle of red's heart healthy!

If you cannot make a financial donation, take care of your own heart by trying this wonderfully simple and heart healthy recipe I've blogged about in the past.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


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