Friday, October 5, 2012

Frugal Living & Adios to the Lawn

No, I did not kill off my entire lawn.  But today I did take out one chunk.  In less than an hour I put down cardboard, which I had stocked piled in the garage for the law few months (the purchase of a seat cushion for our bay window had the added bonus of large pieces).  It was weighted down with a few rocks I stole from other places in the garden.

Next I dumped 10 bags of cedar mulch.  After raking it out, I dosed the spot with water from the hose.  And it is my sincere hope that we never have to mow this patch of yard again!

The plan I hatched while reading issues of Birds & Blooms goes like this.  Over the fall and winter the cardboard and mulch will break down, creating a lovely little flower bed.  I skipped the addition of compost because amazing flowers in the curbside bed are not my goal, just a place where I can transplant a few hostas and maybe a day lily or two.

Next up will be the area in our lawn that is very hard to mow, and seems ideal to turn into a haven for feathered friends.  Now that my cardboard supply is nearly exhausted, I think I'll opt for a layer of compost and then mulch. For this job I am going to order some, in bulk.  And hopefully I can get them to dump it right in the yard.  That means I'll simply have to rake it out.

And I have a big thank you to a dear longtime friend.  She hung out with my kids while I completed this job. Since we live on a very busy street, 4 and 2 year old assistants were a bit too much for this frugal mama.  They can help in the back yard, which is fenced.

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