Monday, October 8, 2012

Frugal Living: Embracing the Cold, Dry Weather

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Seasons have shifted here in Wisconsin.  Gone are the warm (really warm this past year) and humid days of summer.  As the leaves delight us with an explosion of golden hues the temperatures have fallen.  And now we have a much drier environment, especially within our home.  And with the return to our "dry season" we also have a return to using the laundry drying rack.

Yes, that is correct.  We do not use in all year.  During the warm and humid days of summer I rely completely on my dryer.  Hanging laundry outside to dry is not a good fit for a home whose inhabitants have seasonal allergies (a tip I got long ago for my allergist).  But it would be inefficient for me to use the drying rack in the summer.  Why would I add to more moisture to our basement when the dehumidifier is running more often than not.  The dryer is far more efficient.

In this frugal minded house we are giving the dryer a bit of a rest, reserving it for a few loads a week.  The rest of the time our drying rack is getting a workout as is the pole hanging from the rafters (thank to the previous owner who installed it).  Clothes dry quickly.  Moisture is added to an already dry home.  And less energy is consumed.  It's a win win.

As you embrace a frugal life, remember to adjust to reflect the seasons.

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