Monday, October 15, 2012

Frugally Minded

We are entering the week before one our three annual parties we throw for friends.  There is one in the summer for Opera in the Park, another celebrating Fall in Wisconsin, and a third for International Pi Day (as in math pi, 3.14) which we throw in March.  Just before our last party my husband and I had a brief discussion about purchasing a fridge for the basement.  It went something like this:

Him:  Wow, this fridge (the kitchen one) is packed.  There is no room to add the beer, soda and water.

Me:  Just toss them in the coolers and add the ice.

Him:  What?  That will take a long time to cool down.  His actual response had way more science in it than I remember, but you get the idea.

Me:  Hmmmm, let's pull this out, move this, put some in the freezer, more in the garage freezer.  Now I know  why people have a fridge in the basement.  Do you think we should get one?

Him:  We could, it would cost a few hundred bucks, and we try and have people over more often than before.

Me:  Yes, but I hate spending money.  A few hundred bucks turns into: time and energy spent shopping; increased electrical use; storing the thing for the occasional times we'll use it; if we move, we'll have to pay to have it moved; and I can think of several other ways I could spend a few hundred bucks.   I know, let's just make sure we empty out this fridge as much as possible the week before a party.  We'll use up food, make space, and save money.

Him: Agreed.

And that is how a frugal couple avoids buying a second fridge.  The cost wouldn't break our budget, but the fact that we hesitate about a purchase, analyze it, and think how we can accomplish the same goal without an extra outlay of cash is key to living frugal.  And so in the week ahead we'll be focused on finishing off leftovers and turning produce into immediate meals or ones for the freezer.

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