Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life at 62 Degrees -- It's a Frugal Home

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If you read yesterday's post, you know that cooler fall weather has finally arrived here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Chit chat among friends and neighbors centers on the fact that we've had to turn the heat on already!  Here is a typical exchange when the discussion turns to me:

Me:  yes, when the inside temperature falls below 62 degrees the furnace kicks in....can you believe the extreme from the hot summer to now?  

Other person:  did you say 62 degrees, you mean 68, right?

Me: No, we have it set for 62 degrees.

Other person: how can you stand to live in the cool of a home?

Me: At first it was hard, but I've come to like it.  A few things make it easier.  For example, our feet have socks and a house slipper on most of the time.  Small space heaters on the bathroom counters for easy use when needed.  We wear fleece inside.  Winter pajamas have been pulled out of storage.  We actually notice the change in season because of this and delight in pulling out the Smart Wool Socks.  Plus, it saves us hundreds of dollars over the course of the winter!

Other person: hmmmm, maybe we'd take it down to 66 degrees!  And then I think the make a mental note not to accept an invitation to our home until summer returns to Wisconsin!

If frugal living is on your agenda, I challenge you to push the thermostat lower than your normal.  When doing so, make sure you make other adjustments.  It will make the change far easier. Warm socks, layers, open the drapes for daylight sun (and heat), put an extra blanket or quilt on the bed.  If you can find some joy in these habits, it will make living at a cooler temperature easier, and even enjoyable.

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