Thursday, October 25, 2012

Printer Upgrade Saves Money

At the end of the summer I spent a little time chatting with the young man who had been my office assistant for the past two years.  As he prepared to move to Minnesota for law school, I took a few minutes to tap into his knowledge about my office.  What one change can I make to reduce costs?  His response was immediate -- buy a new printer!

So I did.  My modest part-time legal practice is now home to a printer that cost $500.  But I can clearly see how the savings will grow:
  1. I have gone from an ink jet to a laser printer.  We were spending approximately $100 a month on ink, the new cartridge generates 8,000 pages and will last close to a cost, $180;
  2. Time.  The printer is much faster, reducing the amount of time my administrative assistant spends working on a matter; and 
  3. Flexible options -- duplex, draft quality print, etc.  All of these allow me to eek out as much ink as possible from the far less expensive toner
And the savings did not stop there.  With a functional but no longer needed printer sitting in my closet, I posted a message on Linked In seeking a needy non-profit that might benefit from a donation.  To my surprise I was offered a little bit of cash for the printer by a women who has just launched her own consulting firm.  This printer will receive a second life, bring in a small amount of extra cash, re-connect me with another women business owner, and free up closet space when she comes to pick it up.

If you operate a small business, or if like us, your run your home like a business, make sure you take time every now and then to gather useful information from others in the organization.  What you  learn may save money in the long run!

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