Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ways to Reuse Cooked Oatmeal

My four year old son loves oatmeal.  Loves it!  He downs at least two bowls each morning.  But no matter how well I anticipate his or his father's consumption, it seems that there are always a few clumps left in the pan.  Being fugal, I put them in tupperware and stash them in the fridge.  With a little water they heat up okay, but I wondered, what else could I do with this?

Thanks to the brilliance of Google, I had an answer within 10 seconds.  I found a website called WhatCanIMakeWithIt.com.  And sure enough, there were several ideas for cooked oatmeal.  Beyond the obvious of reheat it, there were:

  • toss it into smoothies;
  • add it to baked goods (brownies, breads, pancakes)
  • freeze it; and
  • add spices and bake it into bars.
The first two appeal to me, both being relatively easy to work into meals I already prepare on a regular basis.  My goal is to sneak them into my two year old's smoothies.  Oatmeal is a wonderful food, but one she rejects.  In fact, unless it is a dairy product (cheese, butter, yogurt, cottage cheese) it is difficult to get her to eat anything else.  Watch for a progress report in the near future.

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