Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Before the Frugal Feast; Thanksgiving Eve

A recent newspaper article sat next to my computer, and I glanced at it again today.  According to the report, the average cost of Wisconsin Thanksgiving dinner is $49 and change.  It appears that our family is average.  One fact that was not addressed is how many people that feeds?  We will have two parents, two little children, and my mother (who is not in the best of health, so eats less than my 2 year old).

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays.  A celebration of food and family.  A day to slow down, enjoy the bounty, and relax.  The day after is my least favorite day of the year -- turning shopping into a sport.  And sadly it appears that more and more stores begin that frenzy on Thanksgiving Eve.  Oh I am so glad my days of retail work are long behind me.

As I type tonight a pumpkin bread is cooling on the counter.  An Amish Turkey ($1.59 a pound) is thawing in the fridge.  An assortment of other vegetables await preparation.  My mother will contribute an apple pie that she made today.  My goal is to enjoy November 22nd and not rush ahead to the next holiday.  I slipped up a bit today, turning on the all holiday music channel in the car while I ran an errand.  A holiday errand.  I spent a lovely hour, by myself, selecting some sustainable outdoor decorations from a local greenhouse.  And I went today because I simply do not want to go anywhere near a retail establishment this weekend.  More on the items later this week.  I'll post with photos, and hope it turns out well.

Enjoy the calm before the storm, and do not short change the wonderful simplicity of Thanksgiving.  At least that is my frugal two cents worth.

Image Credit:  M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2012.  Fresh roasted pumpkin was turned into pumpkin bread as well as some "scuffins" -- think a muffin meets a scone.  

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