Monday, November 12, 2012

Cuts Costs in the Kitchen -- Reduce Use of Dairy

Reduce the use of dairy -- those might be considered fighting words here in my home state of Wisconsin.  But yes, if you are looking to cut costs in the kitchen, consider reducing the use of dairy products.  This is underscored, if like me, you prefer to use organic dairy.  A gallon of organic milk runs $7....and we can go through several in a week here at our home.  Reducing one or two gallons of milk a week saves grocery dollars, reduces your carbon footprint, and may broaden the variety of beverages in your diet, opening the door to other healthful items.

If you need inspiration, consider:

  1. Replace milk with a meal (or two) with herbal tea.  My kids love a cup of warm tea with a meal, especially during the colder months;
  2. Use almond milk in your coffee rather than milk or creamer;
  3. Try plain boxed soy milk for baked goods that call for milk; and
  4. Spread nut butters on waffles, pancakes and toast instead of the standard cows butter.
Have any ideas from your own kitchen?  We still consume a lot of dairy, but love the cup of tea with a meal!

Image by M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2012.  And make sure the tea bag is tossed into your compost pile....maximize 
the use of all scraps that you can to stretch the efficiency of your budget.

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