Friday, November 30, 2012

Free Checks!

Yesterday I had time to order new checks for my business account, and was once again delighted with my decision to have my accounts at our local credit union.  In fact my husband and I have numerous accounts there:  our joint personal accounts (i.e. what we use to pay bills and an emergency fund), my business checking and savings, and his business checking and savings.

As I opened the last pack of checks for my business account I decided now was better than ever to order new checks.  I logged on to the web site, selected "order checks", selected the account, entered the starting check number, and selected from one of two FREE options.  Yes free. We get one free box of checks a year, for each of those checking accounts.  Ordered on-line, shipped to my house, at no cost to me.  And that is why I love the UW Credit Union.  Simple, easy, free, and a local business.

If frugal living is a focus for you, I highly encourage you to get a handle on your banking fees.  What do you pay?  Can you switch to another option?  Go on-line as much as possible.  You'll save your time, your fuel, and your money.  Being frugal, even with small purchases, allows you to direct your money to those things that really matter.  And we are living proof, pennies make a difference over time.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back this weekend with more on our frugal life.

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