Monday, November 19, 2012

Frugal Cafe au Lait

Yes dear reader, another post about food!  But food is one item in life that you can save substantial money on, reduce your carbon footprint, and boost your health when you maximize homemade yummies.  And up until this weekend I had a weakness....the coffee shop cafe au lait.  That perfect blend of coffee, warm milk, and froth was ideal.  And not accessible at home with a standard coffee maker.  Or so I thought!

My frugal mind got to wandering, and then my frugal fingers started typing in Google.  And sure enough, there is a frugal approach to a cafe au lait.  And no extra kitchen gadgets were needed.  If you have an immersion blender, you are set.

Add milk to a cup that is wide and deep.  Warm the milk in the microwave or on the stove.  Once warm, use the immersion blender.  You'll get the froth you desire!  Pour into a mug at the same time you pour the coffee.  The result is a delightful cafe au lait.

Image credit: M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2012.  Note - the mug was free, obtained by my husband while consulting for a client.  
No fancy mug purchases in our frugal home.  And we've found really cool mugs for pennies at thrift stores.

Frothers are sold for $15 or less on-line, but an immersion blender is an item many foodies already have in the kitchen.  I use mine for soups as well as smoothies.  And now cafe au laits.

Thanks for reading, and in the weeks ahead watch for posts on reducing the number of processed items.  I have an ice cream machine on loan from a friend, and an eye on a waffle maker.  Jump in with comments if you have some.  And have a great frugal week!

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