Sunday, November 25, 2012

Library Day

As the holiday weekend came to a close, our little family returned to its naturally frugal ways.  During the morning I took the children to services at Prairie UU while my husband finished writing one of his freelance articles.  Before leaving I threw together a simple turkey soup: leftover turkey, corn, green beans, onions, garlic, carrots, barley, chickpeas, and broth.  It simmered, my husband wrote, and we returned centered and ready to eat.  What a great way to work our way through the holiday bird, but we still have a good amount remaining.

The afternoon adventure was a walk, 30 minutes each way, to the public library.  Before leaving my husband turned down the thermostat and we made sure the southern facing windows all had the blinds and curtains open to maximize on the free solar heat.

For those who have been to our home, you know that we often have a huge stack of library books and other materials.  Every now and then an item will become overdue and we'll incur a fee.  Other times something is water damaged or lost, but that is rare.  Even with those minor changes, we save hundreds if not thousands for dollars a year by utilizing our public library.  We have mastered the on-line requests, and receive an email when an item has arrived.  We also are well versed in inter-library loans (caution, those have a much steeper late fee per day!).  If you are looking to save dollars in your budget, I highly recommend you explore options at your public library.  If it is like ours, you can request materials from across your region and possibly any library in the country if inter-library loans are allowed.  Here are some of the resources we get through the library:

  • audio books;
  • children's fiction and non-fiction (frugal way to embrace ever changing interests of children);
  • CDs;
  • DVDs;
  • adult fiction and non-fiction;
  • materials related our professions (law and engineering -- which are often high priced books);
  • kids events (story time, craft time, special events);
  • travel books, cookbooks, gardening books, etc.;
  • magazines;
  • free weekly newspapers; and
  • email notice two days prior to an item's due date (cuts down on fees).
How about you -- are you a library addict as well?  What is your suggestions on how libraries can stretch a dollar?

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