Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Frugal Home and Amazon Prime

Tonight when I logged on to, there was a message from the CEO announcing a one-month free trial of the company's program Amazon Prime.  And it reminded me that our annual payment will be coming up soon.  In an household that gives thought to every purchase, I paused for a moment, and then knew we'd renew.  Why?  It saves us time and money.  And even though mail order is considered hard on the environment, I find we actually consume less via Amazon Prime.

What is it?  For $79 a year we have

  1. unlimited access to on-line, streaming videos.  No, the hottest flick out there is not free, but there is plenty to entertain.  No more scratched DVDs from the library that disappoint and no need to own physical media that takes up space (housing is not cheap); and
  2. free shipping on Prime items.  Everything from holiday cards to books to waffle irons, I've bought it all and not paid shipping costs.  For my legal practice I ordered a small table for client meetings.  Shipped to my office for free.  I've also found the toner for the office printer, again, no shipping cost.  And when it comes to household items I love it.  I type in what I want, click the Prime button to weed out items that would cost to ship, and almost always find a perfect match.  No trip to the store, no lines, no gas, and more importantly, no impulse buys.
If frugality defines your life or is something you aspire to, I urge you to use the free month offer.  Analyze how it changes your shopping, and make a decision for yourself.  In our home time is precious, we dislike trips to the store, and usually have very defined purchase parameters.  It is well worth the $79 for us.  How about you?

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