Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Small Business Rewards Yield Good Savings

Followers of this blog likely know that I have a small business (I'm a solo estate planning attorney) and I hold a customer rewards card for the big box office supply store down the road from both my home and office - Office Depot.  I was there today and left with $100 in supplies, but only paid $35.  How is that possible?  First, my $100 purchase qualified for a $20 coupon.  Even though I did not have the coupon in hand, the store said "we have some here for our Reward Members".  And with a swipe of a card, off went $20.  Then I handed over a voucher for $53.  I receive a voucher every quarter.  The stores loyalty program pays me back for shopping at the store, and I also get credit for ink and toner canisters that are empty.  And so another $53 was deducted from the tab.  In the end, my purchase cost me $35.

Now I know there are many out there that detest big box stores.  But as a small business owner, one seeking to expand in the next year, I enjoy the savings they offer me.  And those savings are passed right along to my clients.  There is a local office supply store / book store within walking distance of my office -- I can see if from the the window.  And we go there for occasional items.  But the bottom line counts in my business.  There is a point at which my prices will be too high for clients.  And so in an effort to make a profit without blowing up my client's budget, I use the big box store.  Great customer service, within walking distance of my home, and great discounts.  It works for this frugal business owner.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back tomorrow with more thoughts on the upside of frugal living.

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