Friday, December 7, 2012

Look! The Garbage Truck is Here Kids!!!!

It's Friday, and in our lives that means TRASH day.  And when you have little ones, that can be a great day. Huge entertainment for free.  At least it was, the kids are getting bigger and their interesting is wanning.  But, it never fails.  My husband and I hear the growl of an approaching truck, look out the window and there it is -- a blue behemoth here to truck our garbage and recyclables away.  At some point we will come around and remember the kids are past the awe phase, but for now we exclaim!

But we can learn new habits.  In fact, just a few weeks ago I discovered the Clean Bin Project Blog, and a recent post talked about "trucking air".  Those huge recycle trucks are carrying a lot of air in those empty plastic containers.  An easy fix is available, just stomp 'em!  Yes, by crushing the plastic containers that cart around air we can fill those trucks with more material before a trip to the drop-off center is required.  And so now we stomp.  This is something that has gone over really well with the kids.  I want them to destroy something -- cool!

And yesterday we saw these trucks at their drop-off center.  We had two strings of holiday lights that no longer work.  And I remembered that the City of Madison will recycle them for Madison residents.  Off we went to the recycling center.  We circled around a bit, but there it was along a wall among the discarded TVs and appliances, a bin market "holiday lights".  In ours went, and we were off to the arboretum for some "hiking".  If you are a resident of the City of Madison and you have holiday lights that no longer work, consider a trip to the Recycling Center.  Toss them in, keep them out of the dump, and make the cost of our waste a bit less.  Note, the Center is at the end of Badger Rd., entrance on the left, go through the gates and look for the building behind the huge sand heap.  In the middle of the appliance drop off you will find a bin for deposits.

And if you don't live in Madison, consider stomping your recyclables.  Get out the air, and we can all save on trips to the drop-off center.  Thanks for reading, and I'll be back with more on the upside of frugal living.

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