Sunday, December 2, 2012

Soup From Leftover Spaghetti Squash

At the end of the week I made a first, roasted spaghetti squash.  I had high hopes, but it fizzled with both my kids and husband.  So what to do with the 3/4s that remained?  Soup!  I reviewed a few on-line recipes and then work on pure inspiration.  It was a hit with my husband, but not so much with the kids.  Here was my off-the-cuff recipe:

  • saute onions and garlic in olive oil for a few minutes;
  • toss in leftover squash and saute for a few more minutes;
  • add on container of broth (I used chicken);
  • add spices -- cumin and curry salt
  • simmer for 1.5 hours
  • add a few tablespoons of whole milk
  • blend with immersion blender
Easy, healthy, and a great way to use up a veggie that fizzled.  I loathe tossing out food, and am always looking for ways to inject more veggies into our diet.  How about you?

Enjoy your Sunday evening, and thanks for reading.

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