Monday, December 24, 2012

Taking A Pause

Image Credit: M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2012

The sign says it all - Whoa!  I am taking a pause in my frugal blogging.  Thanks to all who have followed.  I may or may not be back in the future here, or on another site on a related topic.  In the meantime, I still post on matters related to my legal practice at Gustafson Legal Blog.  Enjoy the remaining days of 2012, and may be your new year be wonderful.


  1. I wondered if you had decided to have a break...

    It was fun reading about your various strategies to minimize cost/waste in the course of working and raising a family. I hope you do come back to blogging in the future!

    1. Nina -- Thanks for the comment, it is so nice to know there were readers out there who enjoyed the posts. I know that I won't stay away for long. I want to ponder a bit about where to take it from here. "Frugal" may not be the right title, I'm focused more on simplicity, etc these days.

      And thanks for your blogging efforts. I log on daily and adore your writing and photos. I even plugged your blog at my book club with a twist (we talk about favorite reads instead of all reading on thing and discussing it). Oddly, just as I finished I looked around the coffee shop and recognized your oldest daughter -- Madison, what a small world.

      Have a great time on your upcoming trip....I'll be following along in cyberspace!